Digital Advertising with the MMN web app

Venue Management

Boost your screens with Digital Advertising using the Manage My Nightlife web app

You’ve always been able to manage your Digital Advertising slides via the Manage My Nightlife (MMN) web app and we thought it was high time to give this a little refresh with updated and new slides.

Do you know how to use the Advertising library on the MMN web app? If not, check out this article.

What can you use Advertising for? Anything and everything! If you have screens, it’d be a waste not to use them.

Here’s some examples of slides you’ll find ready to go on the web app, there’s everything from gym messages and crowdDJ slides, to seasonal events like St Patrick’s Day and Easter:

Digital Advertising is the perfect way to promote specials and events to your customers. You can make them yourself or work with a graphic designer to create custom advertising for your venue.

As always, if you want some more info or need a hand, just give us a call on 1800 773 468.

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