Managing you Digital Advertising library with the ManageMyNightlife web app

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Managing your Digital Advertising library

Maintaining a current and tidy Digital Advertising library will help you stay ahead of the calendar. It’ll also give you plenty of time to promote your events and specials for maximum exposure. The great thing is the ManageMyNightlife web app makes it really easy.


To start with, we’d suggest compiling a folder to contain any of your venue specific/custom-made promo slide files. This could be cloud-based (like Google Drive or Dropbox) or on your computer/smart device. Categorise these by month, by season, or even by type – whichever makes the most sense for your business and will be easy to remember.

An example of how you might categorise your Digital Advertising files

Once you’ve got your folder structure organised, the next step is to audit your digital ads – what is current, what needs updating (dates changed or photos updated) and what are you missing?

Make a list for your own reference and mark which of these are slides, and which will be Scrolling Text.


This is a good time to log in to the Manage My Nightlife web app – if you don’t have an account set up, give us a call on 1800 773 468 to get this happening for you.

Here you can see what’s already been uploaded into your MMN library and whether it is set for display. Go to the Advertising tab on the far left hand side, and then ensure you’re on the top left tab for User Advertising.

There you’ll see a list of slides already uploaded and their scheduled display settings.

Clicking on any of these slide names, you can view and edit the display dates, display time and display order. Check these slides off against your list.

While you’re assessing, take a look at any Scrolling Text messages that are set up and whether these are still relevant; delete any that are out of date.

Schedule and Create

Nightlife maintains a digital library which is available to you for use as you see fit; find them in the User Advertising tab under Create/Upload > Advertising Library…

This library is regularly updated with slides for seasonal events and holidays, and also includes crowdDJ® advertising and generic slides for gyms. Note: these slides aren’t customisable – we’ll look at customisable slides next.

Under Create/Upload > Create TextOverImage Slide… you’ll find background slides that you can customise with your own messages before upload. Choose your font, text size and colour, spacing and alignment – then set it for display on your chosen dates.

If you have the skills and the inclination, you can go a step further and create your own Digital Advertising in a graphics program like Photoshop or Canva, or have a third party create it for you. We can provide you with a specs sheet in this case – call us to request one.

While you’re here, create any new Scrolling Text messages and schedule these for display as well. Just go to the top middle tab Scrolling Text > Create/Upload > Create Message Text…

These are great for providing more short-lived, news feed-style messages at the bottom of the screen during video clips. Event information, one-day-only promotions and even birthday messages are all fair game!

Review your updated Digital Advertising library

Do a final check against your list to see if you’ve covered everything for the time being; then set a calendar reminder to do this regularly; we’d recommend fortnightly or monthly depending on your needs.

An added bonus to setting your slides up properly with specific display dates, means you don’t need to worry about outdated promos being displayed.

Congratulations, your Digital Advertising library is now up to date and scheduled in your venue! Staying on top of your library will ensure you never have; a customer ask for that special which ended last week; or be wishing your customers/members a happy New Year on January 10th.

If you’d like some hands on training with the Manage My Nightlife web app and Digital Advertising, just give us a call on 1800 773 468 and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

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