Footy season starts

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Footy season starts [Calendar Series]

With footy season imminent, it’s time to consider your music and visual game plan before and after each match!

NRL Highlights for your screens this footy season

Nightlife’s energy-packed Sports Vision service features the best clips from a stream of epic contributors including the NRL! The NRL Highlights package features all the top plays, big hits, and some of the greatest League and Origin moments from throughout history. New clips will be added from each round as the season progresses and you have full control over how and when NRL Highlights play in your venue. You also have the ability to schedule this content alongside other visuals. Read the press release here.

Action equals atmosphere

Make sure your music and visuals are primed to set the mood before the game, and then switched over to keep your customers entertained and engaged after the final whistle.

Power up with party playlists

Use your Manage My Nightlife app to change the music at the push of a button.

Promote your specials

Use themed signage, digital advertising slides and scrolling text to alert members and customers about your promotions. You can load and set up your promos using the Manage My Nightlife web app.

Check out this blog post on how to manage your Digital Advertising using the web app.

To turn on Sports Vision in your venue, discuss the NRL Highlights package, or get training on Manage My Nightlife; give us a call on 1800 773 468.


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