How to get 5 stars for customer experience

How to get 5 stars for customer experience


Businesses are always under review, and your customers can share their feedback – good or bad – across more channels than ever before.

More than two-thirds of people read online reviews or blogs before making a decision, and restaurants are among the top businesses to be reviewed, judged on food, service, ambience and value.

Not only that dining venues must work hard to get people off the couch and break the delivery-to-your-door habit. This is where super experiences can entice customers out of their home (and their pyjamas) to eat.

Get it right and you’ll have return customers on a plate.

Sydney’s Paddington Inn

According to a recent Forbes report, “89% of companies compete primarily on the basis of customer experience – up from just 36% in 2010. But while 80% of companies believe they deliver “super experiences,” only 8% of customers agree.”

Even if the food is great, we’ve all been to venues where the lighting is wrong or the din is just so overwhelming, we can’t imagine returning.

An incredible meal with great company in a beautiful location (that’s Instagrammable of course) is only enhanced by the ambience.

Restaurants from three-hatted Quay Restaurant through to fast casual chain Taco Bell are judged not just on the food and service, but on the experience – and music is a major component of this.

The right sound

If people are going to spend money on a meal, they don’t want the waitstaff to cook it; the same expectation applies to the music. There are so many genres and sub-genres of music that if you’re creating the playlists for your business yourself (or relying on a staff member), there’s a fair chance you’re missing something.

This is the take-out from a recent review of a new Brisbane restaurant which brought down the review verdict.

“My only real gripe was that the thumping rap music was far too loud to make it a relaxing experience.”

One of the biggest mistakes we see is people playing music they would listen to at home or that suits their own taste. But this means the most important thing – your customer – is forgotten.

The modern Greek music we play at Hellenika has been hand-curated for the venue, and the instrumental hiphop and contemporary soundtrack at Urbane is hyper-specific. Music experts can build layered sound and create a unique music landscape that others simply wouldn’t be able to.

A matter of time

Anyone who has built and maintained fresh playlists knows the amount of time it takes to get them right in the first place, let alone keep them rotating with enough tracks that staff and customers are happy.

So, it’s not just extensive music knowledge that amounts to a great music service, it’s the allocation of time, which when done properly can amount to tens of hours every month. Time that could be better spent working on or in your business?

Aria Restaurant Brisbane

The streaming conundrum

Streaming services may seem like a quick and easy option, but did you know that you’re not legally allowed to play consumer streaming services in a business? These services strictly state that they are only for personal and domestic (home) use.

You’re also at the mercy of connection drop-outs, algorithm-based playback, explicit content and if you’re not using a premium account, audio ads that completely disrupt and cheapen the customer experience.

There’s also the fact that existing playlists haven’t been specifically curated for your business. It’s hard to ensure a streaming playlist has exactly the right Italian and Amalfi coast vibes that a restaurant like Otto needs.

Hands-off or hands-on

Another factor to consider – how involved do you want to be?

Music services for businesses know that there are some venues who want the music to shift automatically in line with their service and opening times, with minimal interaction.

There are others who like to have a range of approved playlists that staff can match to the tune of the crowd – and then of course there’s everything in between.

It’s one thing to deliver exceptional food – it’s another thing to back up that experience across all aspects of your restaurant.

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