Winston Surfshirt - artist of the month


Winston Surfshirt – artist of the month

Sydney 6-piece Winston Surfshirt have released a brand-new single ‘For The Record’ and we’re absolutely loving it here at Nightlife towers.

As with their previous work, it’s a low-key, laid-back groove and it’s the perfect soundtrack for the festival season. Frontman Winston says of the song: “[It’s] a song written for anyone from the perspective of their loved ones, family or friends. When you’re feeling down there’s always people who love you and would do anything to make you feel better and be there when you’re in a bad headspace.”

You can catch them playing at no less than 7 festivals this summer but chances are you’ll hear this track blasting from a Bluetooth speaker at every BBQ in Australia – or at a Nightlife venue near you!

Listen to Winston Surfshirt here or on Spotify:

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