Summer season holiday checklist

Summer season holiday checklist

Venue Management

You wouldn’t see a florist closed for Valentine’s Day and you’d be hard pressed to see any businesses without a shred of tinsel in December.

It’s important to make the most of the key dates over the next few months (Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Australian long weekend), as well as take advantage of the general summertime holiday vibe.

So in this digital age, what should be added to your checklist?

Music and visual content!

Along with your menu and décor, music and visual content needs to be considered seasonally as well as for events during the year – and they’re critical to creating the right atmosphere. We’ve been looking ahead and have content ready to go that will take you all the way through to February!


There are four Christmas music lists to suit any type of venue from Traditional and Pop, to Café and this year’s newcomer, Soul. A family friendly visual list called XMAS_TV is filled with festive scenes and is perfect to up the holiday cheer in your venue. Give us a call to weave some Christmas magic into your soundtrack and onto your screens.

New Year’s Eve

Our annual New Year’s Eve Countdown is back! It gives you a 6 minute live mix of music and visuals, plus the countdown and a fireworks ending, which you can run from 11:55pm through to 12:01am.

Turn it up loud, switch your screens to Nightlife, and you’ll have a full-on NYE party! All it needs is to be scheduled and it will run automatically like clockwork on the night. Please call us on 1800 773 468 to help set this up for you – it’s included as part of your Nightlife subscription.

In addition, check out our BESTOF2018 music and video list, which as the name suggests is a hand-picked list of the best music videos and tracks of the year and is perfect to precede or follow the NYE Countdown.

Australian long weekend

Aussie music is going from strength to strength. From hip-hop to pub rock and everything in between, we’ve got a range of lists to suit your venue for the Australian long weekend, January 26-28.

Check out AUSSIE, AUS_CNTRY, AUS_HIPHOP, HOTTEST100 or MIX_AUSSIE and don’t forget AUSSIE_TV for your screens, filled with true-blue Aussie scenes.


It’s easy to enhance the summer holiday vibe with a simple tweak to your music. Chat to our team about some of our great music playlists like NU_DISCO, TRPCLHOUSE or CAFÉ_SUNSET. We’ve also got a beautiful ambient visual list called SUMMER, filled with sun-soaked vision.

If you need a hand with any scheduling changes over the summer season, just give us a call on 1800 773 468.

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