One million songs picked on crowdDJ in one month!


One million songs picked – can you guess what it was?

Almost three years ago, we quietly launched a world-first concept – crowdDJ® – and now we’ve hit a milestone. One million songs have been selected with crowdDJ in a single month!

We first released the app at Beer DeLuxe in Sydney during the Pub Leaders Summit 2016 with incredible take-up by our clients and support by their customers. Since then we’ve grown from a handful of songs picked each month, to one million songs chosen in October. A pretty epic result!

Wanna know what the song was?

‘Every Day’s The Weekend’ by Melbourne singer-songwriter Alex Lahey. It was played in regional NSW at Anytime Fitness Bathurst on October 30 at 11.51pm!

And what about the sheer amount of songs chosen?

In chronological terms, we’re looking at 58,333 continuous hours of music for those one million songs playing out.

It shows that customers are actively engaging with the music in thousands of locations using the crowdDJ app and/or Kiosk.

Here’s to many more millions of tracks as crowdDJ continues to grow!

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