Left to right: David O'Rourke, Nightlife Music and Sean Bohannon from TIQ (Trade and Investment Queensland)


Nightlife taking music to the world

Nightlife Music, Australia’s premier music subscription service for business has had its plans to play on the world stage turned up, sharing in more than $8.3 million of Queensland Government innovation funding.

The Brisbane based music technology leader has been granted $250,000 in Ignite Ideas funding which will help its export push and create more Queensland jobs.

With long-term music catalogue deals with global record labels, a focus on Australian artists and exclusive video content agreements, the company services 4,000 businesses from retail, hospitality, leisure and gyms providing individually curated playlists.

The company employs about 115 people and plans to increase this to 145 Queensland jobs as it expands beyond Australia and into New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Nightlife Music’s Head of Strategic Partnerships Phil Brown said the global music industry was undergoing a revolution and after two decades of decline, music-tech led by personal streaming services has reinvented how the consumer paid for music.

“Business is the new frontier and through our global partnerships, including with Google and major electronics manufacturer AOPEN, which supplies our hardware, we are looking at direct market entries and franchise approaches to take Nightlife Music to the world stage in South Africa, Asia and the UK,” he said.

“Market leaders, including the Woolworths hotel joint venture Australian Leisure & Hospitality, Crown Resorts and Star Entertainment, Village Roadshow, P&O Cruises, Amart Furniture and the TFE Hotel Group all use our proven service, which matches the music to the clientele to heighten the customer experience”.

“The company is proudly Queensland, employing Queenslanders and supports Queensland and Australian music”.

“While we are looking to take the business offshore our clear plan is to keep Nightlife headquartered in Queensland and grow local jobs off the back of the expansion.”

“Nightlife Music proved it has the innovative products, talent and right mindset to take the business to new levels and new markets and the backing by the State Government is a great endorsement.”

Image: David O’Rourke, Nightlife Music CEO and Sean Bohannon, TIQ (Trade and Investment Queensland)

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