Jobs that rock - Montana Mincher


Jobs that rock – Marketing Assistant Montana Mincher

She’s almost finished her Business degree (majoring in Marketing) and as Marketing Assistant, Montana Mincher helps to keep the social media and digital marketing cogs turning for both Nightlife and crowdDJ. Read on for this millennial’s words of wisdom.

What were you doing pre-Nightlife?

After graduating high school I moved to Brisbane to begin my bachelor degree in business. I was living at the Women’s College within the University of Queensland and during that year I delved into the world of content creation and became a guest contributor for a few blogs and media sites. I was really keen on practicing my writing skills and this gave me a great opportunity to speak to people and brands I admired on a much more personal level. I wrote album reviews, artist features and gig reviews and was looking to take my passion for music into the workplace.

You’ve been at Nightlife for close to two years now – how has your role evolved over that time?

Helping music lovers choose songs at Fanta Big Shake-Up

When I first stepped through and got my ‘backstage pass’ into the Nightlife office I was accepting my role as a crowdDJ Promo Assistant. Throughout this role I was able to use crowd sourced music selections to shape the playlists for events such as Noosa Festival of Surf, Dreamworld Theme Nights, Global Rugby 10s, The Big Bash, Fanta Big Shake Up, AHA VIC Awards, and heaps more! I got to travel to places around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane sharing my passion for music with others which was pretty cool.

While I was doing this work Nightlife gave me invaluable industry experience in my field of study by offering me a part time gig in the marketing department. With a particular focus on digital and social media marketing I am able to execute my ideas and work collaboratively to enhance the online presence of both Nightlife and crowdDJ. My second Nightlife family is the content and licensing team. When they adopt me I work on curating custom playlists for clients, as well as reviewing and testing new content.

You’re currently studying Business majoring in Marketing; how do you see B2B communication shifting in the coming years?

As a millennial working in the tech and music space I’ve seen that what I considered ‘traditional’ inbound and outbound communication processes are actually transforming to incorporate more creative and innovative ways of validating our products and services. This includes strategies like influencer marketing, custom video content, and events.

What are you most proud of so far?

I’m just really happy to have two years of industry experience up my sleeve before even graduating my degree. Post graduate positions can be pretty competitive so it feels good to already be in a role that utilises my skills and passions.

Favourite part of your job?

During my (almost) 2 years at Nightlife I have been able to immerse myself in numerous aspects of the business and test the waters to see what areas I enjoy. My managers are so supportive of my learning and professional growth and have encouraged experience across a range of departments. I love that they could create a role specific to my talents, passions and goals.

What’s a stand out story from your time at Nightlife?

Last year Austin Rennie (one of our incredible Customer Service Representatives) and I hit the road for Noosa and spent two days on the beach in our Kombi van turned-DJ booth playing music for the Noosa Festival of Surf. We watched the sunset on the beach while mixing all of our favourite music for the people there. The weekend didn’t really feel too much like work!

Montana at Noosa Festival of Surfing

What are your goals for the future?

First and foremost I’ve got my eyes on graduating University this year. After that I want to continue to work in the arts/music industry, continually learning and executing creative marketing campaigns. Ideally, I’d love to work directly with artists to support their work on tour promotions, single/album releases etc.

Currently listening to: fem

The discussion of women’s role in the Australian music industry is one I’m very passionate about. I think women are dominating the music scene, but are still facing the effects of subtle barriers stemming from prejudice, such as a lack of balanced representation on line-ups, stages and conference tables. SO… in light of this, here’s some female-led jams I’m really enjoying at the moment.

Thanks Montana!

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