King Princess - feature artist of the month


King Princess – feature artist of the month

Our NU_CHILL and ALT_SOUNDS lists now feature some stellar tracks from Brooklyn born artist Mikaela Straus; known as King Princess.

Mikaela’s home growing up was her dad’s recording studio in Brooklyn NY, where she had the opportunity to experiment with multiple instruments and production equipment. She has been called a music protégé by many, with her first recording offer coming from Virgin Records at age 11 (which she turned down by the way!).

She describes her debut single ‘1950’ as honouring those who have experienced gender bias when trying to express their attraction to another.

Straus says, “Historically a publicly unaccepted but incredibly rich culture, queer love was only able to exist privately for a long time, expressed in society through coded art forms. I wrote this song as a story of unrequited love in my own life, doing my best to acknowledge and pay homage to that part of history.”

The track has also struck a chord with artist Harry Styles (who you may know from his previous position in UK boy band One Direction), who has quoted her lyrics on Twitter.

At just 19 years of age, Mikaela’s now living in LA and has become a role model for her legion of fans in the LGBTQI community. Her honesty and vulnerability draw you in but there is an overwhelming sense of braveness to her lyrics.

Beautiful melodies and pop with all the right hooks – we think everyone should have a listen!

Listen to King Princess here or on Spotify:

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