Jobs that rock - Content and Compliance Officer Amanda Sinclair


Jobs that rock – Content & Compliance Officer Amanda Sinclair

A sharp mind and even sharper wit accompany Amanda Sinclair as she works on Content and Compliance in our Content & Licensing team. Get your croc-wrestling pants on and get stuck in to this Q&A.

You’ve been with us for more than four years and now work in our Licensing department, but you didn’t start there. How have you moved through the business?

Initially I had my sights set on the Content & Licensing team, but at the time there wasn’t a job going. I was instead offered a role in the Accounts team under the watchful eye of our Commercial Manager Jen McDowell, with a view to transition into Content & Licensing in the near future. During the 12 odd months I spent in Accounts, our Director of Licensing and Business Affairs, Stuart Watters, fed me some licensing work and sure enough in time a role opened up for me in Licensing!

I am very grateful for the time I spent in Accounts because it provided me with a solid understanding of how the business operates. I feel a great deal of gratitude towards Nightlife for listening to my goals and actively finding an opportunity that aligns with my personal and professional interests.

Proactively you created and presented an education piece for new and existing staff on the licensing landscape as it relates to Nightlife. Can you tell us how this came about and the value you saw in it?

The public performance advice service available to Nightlife clients stretches across multiple teams. The Client Services team possesses a great deal of inside knowledge about venue-specific set-ups and operations, as well as being the ongoing point of contact for our clients. This info is critical to figuring out what a venue’s public performance obligations are. It’s a similar situation with the Sales team, and we were finding that more and more of our public performance enquiries were coming from conversations initiated by Sales.

This training is about advising the Client Services team how to capture information relevant to public performance. It also takes the Sales team through the process of figuring out a venue’s obligations. We have a lot of musos in the building who have a personal interest in this space, so it was nice to get their perspective on the process. One might say I was motivated by self-interest because the more people who know about this stuff, the easier my job is!

Nightlife prides itself on getting artists paid. How do you see Nightlife’s work in the B2B space and live music scene improving artist repatriation?

Nightlife has always had a dominating presence in the background music industry and the fact that we are also a tech-centric company means that we are in a unique position when it comes to figuring out which artists are getting played where. From the day we signed our first direct licensing deal there was a focus on ensuring we were paying for what we were using and we were able to achieve this by developing the appropriate tech tools.

Nightlife is currently working with some great organisations and venues such as QMusic, AIR, Badlands Bar and The Tivoli who’ve embraced using our platform in between bands to ensure not only are artists paid for live music, but also recorded music that plays during a Gig, Festival or Industry Event. We would love this to become an industry standard – and I think that’s pretty cool.

Which of your accomplishments here are you most proud of?

When I first started in the Content & Licensing team, I knew very little about the intellectual property landscape and how far reaching it was. I now have a solid academic and practical understanding of this area and I am proud of that. This would not have been possible without the opportunity to tap into the knowledge and expertise of co-workers, as well as the professional development opportunities that Nightlife has afforded me.

What passions do you have outside of work?

Outside of work I like to sit on the couch and yell at the TV, drink tea, eat foods, embroider crude things on cute fabric and start brawls on the netball court. I am also super into outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, camping, wood chopping, croc wrestling etc.

Your banter is legendary around the building – what tips do you have for novices on how best to conduct their banter in a professional environment?

Ahhh I’m not sure about ‘legendary’ but I do like to talk/rant…a lot. While I’m demonstrably not qualified to speak to any aspect of professionalism, I will say that a good rule of thumb is to know your audience and read the room!

What are your personal or professional goals for the future? 

I’m really interested in seeing how intellectual property law evolves in the coming years and ideally, I would love to be involved in that process in some way. In Australia we haven’t necessarily been great at keeping up with technological changes in this sphere, so it’s great that I get to work for a company that has an interest in ensuring that the legal landscape supports creators with the help of tech.

Currently listening to: The Prose of Rhyming in Rap

Thanks Amanda!

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