Create positive buzz about your venue

Atmosphere, acoustics and ‘instagrammability’ – creating positive buzz about your venue

10 May 2018

We’ve put together some simple tips to help create positive buzz about your venue or gym – not just in the real world, but in the digital world as well.


Virgin Active Barangaroo's lighted hall
Virgin Active Barangaroo’s lighted hall

It’s important to recognise the vibe you want to create and how this fits with your customers’/members’ needs. For each of your spaces the volume level and music style may be different but striking the balance between music and ambience can elevate an in-venue experience to new heights.

Interiors, fittings and design all contribute to ‘instagrammability’

It’s no surprise that in this age of social media, people are sharing photos and experiences online in vast numbers. Paying particular attention to design in all its aspects can significantly amplify your social media exposure. Some examples are interesting light fixtures, a picturesque beer garden with trailing greenery, neon light quotes, gorgeous earthenware crockery or a striking wall mural – once you start looking for them you’ll see them everywhere.

Kingpin Chermside's throne
Kingpin Chermside’s throne

Are there features or spaces in your space that encourage photos, and is it attractive to your demographic in a way that’s cohesive with your brand?

Search for your venue, as well as your venue’s location on Instagram, Google My Business or Facebook and review what comes up. Is it a flattering portrayal? Keep in mind ways you can use this concept to your advantage, especially if you have a renovation or refurbishment scheduled.


The best music lists and playback systems will still struggle to be heard if a venue hasn’t been designed for great acoustics. Hard, flat surfaces like glass, concrete, steel and timber bounce sound around, creating a din that gets louder and louder as everyone tries to overcome the noise.

Acoustic panels above the bar at The Doutta Galla
Acoustic panels above the bar at The Doutta Galla

For hospitality venues, soft furnishings like drapes, rugs and upholstery can help alleviate the issue – consider ways to incorporate some if possible.

A discrete solution that can be retrofitted to existing walls and ceilings in any type of space is acoustic panels. They can drastically reduce noise and make for a much more comfortable experience as well as complementing your existing aesthetic.