G Flip – feature artist of the month

9 Apr 2018

We all know that Triple J and the Unearthed crew have provided the platform to launch countless music careers in Australia, but did you know Melbourne artist Georgia Flipo, better known as G Flip will go down in history as the artist who blew up the Unearthed website with a whopping 15,000+ visits to her Unearthed profile?

Georgia had been touring with Melbourne band EMPRA for just over two years, when she decided to dedicate her time to creating music that was all her own. After playing the drums for 10 years (she also sings, plays guitar and piano) and finding inspiration in her high school drum teacher, G Flip focused on teaching herself how to produce music. She worked on combining her love of drumming and harmonies; releasing ‘About You’ almost a year to the day after it was written. The track now has over 262 thousand views on Youtube.

We loved seeing G Flip perform at SXSW this year and think her home made, animated drum kit is super rad! You can find ‘About You’ in our Alternative lists ALT_SOUNDS and MIX_JJJ.

Listen to G Flip here or on Spotify:

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