Pressing Play On Festival 2018

29 Mar 2018

From Ian Moss on stage in Townsville to synchronised swimming workshops by Esther Williams look-alikes the Esthers in Cairns to the Pub Choir pop-up in Brisbane, each of the Festival 2018 programs are distinct.

So, we will be flexing our own cultural muscle to create a unique festival vibe in three Queensland locations – Townsville, Cairns and Brisbane – to complement the live entertainment schedule.

Festival 2018 is the community and arts celebration supporting the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games and it’s not just the glitter strip getting into the spirit.

Nightlife Music Content Director Matt Lymbury said the three cities, through its eclectic program line-up, had created its own sound and his expert music team had hand-picked the playlists to match the live entertainment.

“In Townsville we will be at two locations and have curated a wide range of upbeat, party music to keep the atmosphere at the same supercharged tempo as the acts on stage, from old classics to the latest hits, with a good splash of 90s pop,” Matt said.

“At the cultural forecourt at Southbank we’ve mixed some alternative music content to suit the bands that are programmed.

“It’ll be more of an indie vibe, but with a great list of well-known favourites, so they’ll be some soul beats and troubadour-style music featuring artists like Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and local artists like Meg Mac.

“Cairns will have a similar tone to Townsville staying closely aligned to the local festival feel.”

crowdDJ Kiosk
People can choose the music they love using crowdDJ Kiosks in each city

As well as the programmed music, our enormously popular crowdDJ® Kiosks and app will allow people to choose the music they love helping to create their own unique festival vibe and soundtrack.

It will also be a huge opportunity to unearth and support homegrown artists.

“What’s also really exciting is we’ve created a Discovery playlist for crowdDJ® featuring only Queensland artists so local talent will be showcased across all three Festival 2018 cities,” said Matt.

“Of course, we have enabled our adult filters to ensure all music content and visuals are family-friendly and further boost the festive spirit.

“We have worked closely with program organisers to make sure we provide the best licensed entertainment to keep the party going when there isn’t a live act on stage.

‘Now it’s just a case of sharing the dream.”

Festival 2018 runs 4-15 April.