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Manage My Nightlife – find and play more of the music you love

App update notes

The Manage My Nightlife mobile app has received some major updates – all designed to help you easily find and play more of the music and visuals you want in your venue.


Integration with Spotify functionality has increased across the board.

Your most played Spotify tracks of all time now appear in the Spotify search page under the My Spotify Music list. Auto-generated from your most played (recently, and of all time) Spotify tracks, it will help you quickly find fave tracks from the linked Spotify account.

Tracks and playlists from any of the Spotify lists visible via the Search page, can be loaded straight into the current Nightlife playlist – the extra Import step has been removed so it’s more efficient.

To save you some time, any Spotify lists you have already matched through to Manage My Nightlife will now update automatically, mirroring any changes made in Spotify.

We’ve also added Similar Songs functionality which allows you to view a list of songs that are similar to the one you’re looking at or currently listening to; tracks you find in this manner can be played straight away or loaded straight into the current playlist.

The same functionality applies to loading a whole playlist of similar songs. This feature can help you discover new tracks you love; or extend the vibe you’re enjoying from a certain song or playlist.


A brand-new functionality is; Ambient lists and/or clips can be loaded using the app, giving you more control over your screen content.

The list total (number of songs in a list) now reflects the activation of any content filters on the system – e.g. Restricted, PPC, PPX etc – and displays the number of songs you can use with the filters you have in place.

Our Nightlife Programmed lists can now be loaded in Programmed Order; allowing them to play out in a sequence that emulates a DJ’d vibe.


The delays in song loading after a track is deleted; and the delay of Play/Pause control on the Visuals page; have both been remedied. On Android devices, the volume control bug and bingo display error on some devices were also fixed.


Make sure your version of Manage My Nightlife is up to date and give these new features a whirl.


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