crowdDJ 2017 fun facts

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crowdDJ 2017 fun facts

2017 was a busy year for crowdDJ®s across the country with more than 1,200 businesses now offering our crowd-sourced music solution to their customers. We’ve pulled together all the venue and song play data to put together these fun facts.

Last year, we saw over 9 million song votes come in from venues across the country – a 71% increase on the year before. crowdDJ Kiosks installed in Nightlife venues registered the vast majority of these votes (69% in fact), more than twice the number of votes than those received via the free crowdDJ app, which accounted for 27%. Clearly Kiosks are a big draw card for customer interaction and engagement.

It’s interesting to note that among the millions of votes via our platform, over 26,000 different songs were picked. This diversity of song choice is a reflection of the venues and customers who choose to use crowdDJ and the importance they place on the atmosphere. After all, how often do we return to venues when we don’t like the music?

Opening up the playlist to customers not only indicates trust in their musical taste, but gives them some ‘ownership’ of the venue. It’s not just your place; it becomes their place too. What we’re seeing here is the connection between venue and customer becoming stronger. We predict that in 2018 this connection will determine to an even greater extent where customers decide to spend their time and money.

On the music side of things, Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ continues to be the most played track thanks to it’s continued popularity in the fitness community, with a whopping 34,580 plays in twelve months. With the year Ed Sheeran had, it’s no surprise he took out the most popular artist spot; three of the top 5 songs released in 2017 were his.

None of this would be possible without our venues and their customers/members. Go Health Clubs – Browns Plains took out the gong for most in-venue selections at 42,716; averaging out to 117 song picks every single day. This is a phenomenal result and we’re very much looking forward to seeing a new record set in 2018! Want more fun facts? Check out the below.

Fun Facts Infographic



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