Top 100 music videos of 2017

28 Dec 2017

2017 has definitely been a Glorious year in music with an extraordinary amount of creative juices flowing – especially in the realm of music videos.

Every month Artists and Directors unleash surprising new audio and visuals, which have taken our music programming team on a roller coaster. It’s been quite a ride, the team collectively previewed over 210,000 minutes of video clips this year.

With the year drawing to a close, we asked the team to cast their mind back and share with us the video clips that stood out, not only with a great soundtrack to our 2017, but also offered some creative visual interest for our client’s to show on their screens.

We’ve highlighted our favourite ten music videos first. Below that you’ll find the full list of 100. Enjoy!


1  Young Thug – ‘Wyclef Jean’
2  Jain – ‘Dynabeat’
3  Kendrick Lamar – ‘Humble’
4  OK Go – ‘Obsession’
5  Taylor Swift – ‘Look What You Made Me Do’
6  Bonobo – ‘No Reason’ (feat. Nick Murphy)
7  Cassius – ‘Go Up’ (feat. Cat Power & Pharrell Williams)
8  Kendrick Lamar – ‘DNA’
9  Portugal. The Man – ‘Rich Friends’
10  Charli XCX – ‘Boys’



Check out what video clips made the cut in our Top 100 Music Videos of 2017 list.

2017 was a landmark year for Music Videos, with the format being pushed into new and exciting places by forward-thinking artists and directors. From Kendrick Lamar’s ground-breaking ‘Humble’; to Taylor Swift’s furious comeback ‘Look What You Made Me Do’; there truly were some exceptional efforts.

Regular music video pioneers OK Go were able to create something we have never seen before, with their video for ‘Obsession’, using 567 custom-made colour printers (and a lot of paper) to create an entire world.

P!nk invited Channing Tatum into her suburban hell; ODESZA took inspiration from Hollywood for their sci-fi epic; and Katy Perry was chopped, cooked and served as a gourmet meal (Katy also visited a theme park, defied gravity with Nicki Minaj and made a hamster cook a tiny burger).

Despite all this, our favourite video of the year only occurred because the artist did not bother to turn up for the shoot. Director Ryan Staake was forced to improvise and create an entire video for Young Thug’s ‘Wyclef Jean’ without Young Thug on set! The result is a hilarious, meta music video that is essential viewing.

The videos we have highlighted in this list have a varied range of; budgets, themes, special effects and live rabbits; but they all prove that the music video art form is alive and well.

Our favourites running from 1 – 100 can be played here…

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