Big Shaq - Music video of the month

Big Shaq – Music video of the month

5 Dec 2017

Standing in the sand on Miami Beach, Florida; in his down jacket, socks, and slide ons; surrounded by locals in swimwear; Big Shaq’s debut music video ‘Mans Not Hot’ defies every convention. Big Shaq and his crew, in uniform, perspire on screen as he performs reps and raps to a grime track sampled from 67 and Giggs’ 2016 single “Let’s Lurk”. With beautifully crafted lines like “Use roll-on, or spray, but either way, A-B-C-D”, the viral sensation has clocked 80 million views in its first month on Youtube and comes to us backed by Universal records.

By now you’re probably thinking ‘is this guy for real?’. The good news is Ghanaian MC ‘Big Shaq’ is one of several fictional characters portrayed by British comedian Michael Dapaah. With a production value that rivals other music videos currently in the charts, and a clever separate video interview of the character by covering his interpretation of the lyrics, Michael masters satire to a level Sasha Baron Cohen would approve of. And we approve too – congrats Michael; music video of the month.


Director/Editor: Marv Brown


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