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We all know the power of music. It can transport us to a time and place, remind us of special times in our lives and bring back memories of our youth. Many clients use their Nightlife systems in function spaces; offering customisable entertainment options that help sell the space to potential customers, as well as ensure unforgettable events. One of our clients takes this functionality to the extreme, both in scale and frequency, and that’s Australia’s largest theme park – Dreamworld.

Dynamic and scalable

The park has cleverly implemented a scalable function offering, allowing organisations a dynamic range of venues and space to cater to any requirements. This all happens outside their opening hours to the general public; creating exclusivity for the booking client as well as; making the most of existing infrastructure and facilities when it wouldn’t normally be in use.

“With over 10 uniquely themed event precincts including; Tiger Island, our indigenous and wildlife area Corrobboree, and Brock’s Garage; the scene is already set for a unique and seamless experience that will impress guests,” said Annette Pearce, General Manager Sales for Dreamworld and SkyPoint.

Dreamworld provides all necessary services and facilities as part of the event package; such as catering, AV equipment, lighting and design elements. Completing the puzzle is, of course, music. This is made possible through a number of Nightlife systems placed throughout the park – with crowdDJ® enabled – allowing for a range of different atmospheres and a more personalised music experience, depending what is taking place within each zone.

Music for all occasions

Nightlife’s team work with the event staff to ensure music schedules are created for all event bookings. This proactive process allows the park to give customers personalised music experiences; no matter what part of Dreamworld, White-Water World or SkyPoint they are visiting. This applies to any Nightlife venue. No matter how big or small they may be, they all have the ability to; take control of their atmosphere and customise the music.

Special events

Dreamworld’s inaugural Festive Corporate Christmas Party begins on December 1st showcasing international cuisine, live music and exclusive entertainment over various dates. Corporate groups can celebrate a year of success with their teams; and will see the park come alive with twinkling lights on a balmy summer’s night.

Dreamworld’s sister venue, SkyPoint Observation Deck, is another great option for after-hours corporate and social events where you can take your next event to new heights – all you need to do is bring the team for a great experience in an epic location. Stunning 360-degree views of the Gold Coast from its highest point will have you celebrating in style with your private event or book a table at their Christmas in the Clouds corporate event this December. Imagine watching the sun set over the hinterland while enjoying a glass or two of bubbly!


Team Building Challenges are a great way to strengthen your team and get everyone out of the office for some rewarding problem solving. Think this is something your team might enjoy? Thanks to Dreamworld, we have 1 voucher for a Team Challenge for 10 guests (valued at $1,200) to give away. Enter here!

Dreamworld – Corporate Challenge

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