Spring racing & Melbourne Cup - Calendar Series

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Melbourne Cup & Spring Racing [Calendar Series]

Tuesday November 7 – Melbourne Cup

As the race that stops the nation draws ever closer, we know that you’ll be thinking about how to; coordinate screens, music, visuals, audio, draws, best-dressed parades, menu packages, drink promotions and everything in between! This is a massive task on any day, let alone Melbourne Cup day when your venue is packed to capacity. We also understand that even taking the hassle out of one of these tasks will allow you to get on with the important things in your venue.

Here’s a guide to preparing your venue for spring racing and of course, Melbourne Cup.

It’s all free and included in your Nightlife subscription!


Anything goes here but like always, you want to match your music to your venue as well as your crowd. Consider a playlist like MIX_LOUNGE for a touch of class in the lead up to the racing, while MIX_FUN or MIX_BEER can fill out your dance floor later in the evening.

And to start the day’s racing off on the right foot – or to draw attention before the big race, consider playing ‘The First Call (Horse Race)’ from our OCCASION playlist!

If you need a hand adjusting your Scheduler, call us on 1800 773 468 for training and support.

crowdDJ and functions

If you have crowdDJ enabled on your Nightlife system, it’s like having an ace up your sleeve. You want to keep your crowd entertained, spending more money at your bar or in your dining area. What better way to do that than through letting them pick their favourite party songs throughout the day and into the night? This is also a great way to add value to a function room or events booking – through playlist management and guest engagement.

You can read more about crowdDJ here and here. Give us a call if this is of interest to you!

Digital Advertising

We’ve put together some Melbourne Cup slides for you that can be scheduled to screen in your venue. We suggest starting to screen these a few weeks in advance so your customers know you’ll be open and that they can come back to celebrate Halloween with you. You can find the slides on the Manage My Nightlife web app under Advertising, or on your update disc if your system is not online.

Here’s a preview of our Advertising slides:

Melbourne Cup digital advertising slides

Using our Text-Over-Image slides, you could promote; food and beverage deals, table bookings, hat competitions; or other events within your venue for all the big race days. The Manage My Nightlife web app has functionality which allows you to create your own custom advertising slides by adding text. Here’s a preview of our Text-Over-Image slides you can use as a background:

All forms of Digital Advertising can be set; to show on your screens on whichever days and hours you like; meaning there’s no need to be caught out showing messages for Melbourne Cup the day after.

Not confident creating your own advertising or don’t know how to find it? Call us for training.


As always we are happy to help you with your Nightlife system so you can make the most of this season. Call us on 1800 773 468 to set your venue up for spring racing and Melbourne Cup.


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