Arvo Tunes - Playlist of the month


ARVO TUNES – Playlist of the month

ARVO TUNES is one of many playlists made, maintained, and exclusive to Nightlife. With a focus on familiar and radio played artists, this playlist combines the; lesser known hits from well known artists; as well as the bigger hits from alternative artists.

For a song to qualify and be hand-picked by our music curators for ARVO TUNES rotation, it has to be ‘music performed by real musicians’. This is where you’ll find some of the industry’s best, such as Bowie, Rolling Stones, Tracy Chapman mixed with quality alternative acts such as 10,000 Maniacs, The Saints, and Hozier.

Great for venues that get plenty of use from our BAR TUNES playlist; but are looking for more diversity and additional content. Venues that find BAR TUNES just a tad too commercial for their brand; but still need an accessible and familiar atmosphere they can rely on are perfect candidates for this month’s feature playlist.

Listen to ARVO TUNES here or on Spotify:

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