Johnny Rockets stay original with crowdDJ

Case Study

Johnny Rockets is a brand with a vast 30-year history and locations from coast to coast in the United States. Some punters in Australia will recognise the name and remember the 50s styled diners from their previous tenure in the country.

Now they’ve returned to our shores with an updated appearance that brings the store into the new millennium while maintaining some of the characteristics that set it apart. The new flagship restaurant is located in the Emporium precinct of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.

Bringing music along for the ride

Johnny Rockets is very proud of its heritage, and music plays an important part in the story. Along with burgers and amazing milkshakes (think OREO, Peanut Butter and Banana to start with), jukeboxes were part of the original store offering. When they came across our crowdDJ® platform, they knew it was the perfect solution. The interactivity remained, but the original jukebox concept had been transformed into a commercially robust product that their customers instinctively know how to use.

Customers create their own soundtrack

crowdDJ is the jukebox for the app generation, allowing continuation of the connectivity that the general public expect no matter where they are. Johnny Rockets uses the crowdDJ Kiosk in store and advertises the free crowdDJ app on their screens. Customers can use either the wall mounted Kiosk, or the app to connect to the store’s system and choose the soundtrack to their dining experience.

The other factor at play here is the integration of Spotify. crowdDJ allows customers to pull their Spotify lists into the venue’s library and play them for their friends in a public setting. Their out of home music interaction can continue from home to store and back again.

A sprinkle of American visuals

As a fitting accompaniment to the music, Johnny Rockets uses our Ambient Visual program to keep their screens active. So, what did they choose to showcase? ESPN sports clips and highlights of course, which tie in really well with the brand and their menu to complete the experience.

Johnny Rockets has plans to add more stores in Australia. This is just the start of something beautiful.


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