Classic Countdown coming to Nightlife


Countdown – rare video classics now available on Nightlife

In a major content coup, Nightlife Music has secured the rights; to what is considered the most important archive of televised music content in Australian history. The television series Countdown.

Coinciding with the airing of Classic Countdown, a thirteen part series on ABC Television, we are over the moon at being able to share such rare footage with our clients and know that punters across Australia will revel in what was consequently “the soundtrack to an entire generation of Australians”.

Head of ABC Commercial, Natalie Waller, says Classic Countdown has been a labour of love for the team at ABC Television; and excited that Countdown will extend its reach through the Nightlife network.

“Countdown was one of the most loved programs ever produced & broadcast by the ABC” Waller said “We’re excited to be able to complement what we’re doing through Television and take this content into the out of home space, to people in pubs, clubs and restaurants across the country”.

Content Director at Nightlife, Matt Lymbury, explained that Countdown has been on our wishlist for many years.

“This is not only a win for our clients but for people in Nightlife venues everywhere. It’s a great opportunity to showcase so many unique and absorbing clips that; capture moments of Australian music history and; relive the glitz and glamour of the music world in the 70s and 80s; when music video was just being born.

Whether it is; remembering the one hit wonders or; seeing a young Johnny Farnham or Iggy Pop; the Countdown collection is a masterpiece of pop that has also never been replicated in the Australian industry.”

Nightlife will be distributing Countdown video tracks across our network in the coming weeks.

Venues interested in getting access to Countdown content now; (including the all-killer Countdown Party Mix-tape) can call our client services team on 1800 773 468.



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