Next Hotel Brisbane redefines the hotel stay

Case Study

With a focus on convenience, comfort, and technology Next Hotel Brisbane is tailored for the unique needs of the modern traveller. From checking-in using the mobile app, to sleep pods and flexible work spaces, the Hotel’s General Manager Justin McConnell, talks us through what it means to them to go the extra mile for their guests – and how utilising technology like Nightlife has helped them create a more personalised hotel experience.

“Technology is a huge part of our guest experience; by delivering a host of innovative solutions for our guests we have not only helped simplify their stay and make it more comfortable, but we’re redefining the hotel experience,” Mr McConnell said.

“Our offering includes a Tesla limousine dedicated to airport transfers, we have In-Transit Zones that include sleep pods and work spaces and all guests receive a Samsung phone for the duration of their stay. Guests can then use this Samsung to control their room environment, including lights and temperature, as well as order room service and communicate with our staff, and take it off site as a personal Wi-Fi Hotspot.”

“Nightlife fits perfectly into this mix, allowing us to create a great vibe throughout the venue and also give guests the power to choose their own music through the crowdDJ app on our Pool Terrace and Next Lounge,” Mr McConnell said.

With the music offering an essential part of creating the right ambience in their communal spaces, Mr McConnell said the guest feedback has encouraged the hotel to make further changes.

“The team at Nightlife got the brief right from the start, allowing us to create a great vibe throughout the property and give guests the power to choose their own music with crowdDJ … we’re always receiving feedback about how great the music is.”

“Traditionally, on Friday and Saturday nights we’ve employed an in-house DJ to help us service and attract after work drinks and weekend trade. Since having the crowdDJ system, we’ve changed the way we use other live entertainment as the feedback from guests has been that they’ve enjoyed picking their own songs and being in control of what they are listening to,” Mr McConnell said.

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