crowdDJ 2.0 is here.

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crowdDJ 2.0 is here

Great news for crowdDJ and Spotify users… After months of development we are excited to announce the next generation, completely overhauled version of the crowdDJ® app; designed to make it even easier for users to find and play their favourite Spotify tracks in over 800 locations around the country. Introducing, crowdDJ 2.0.

Out now on Android and iOS.

There are some cool new features on board – like the ability to export the playlist of songs that have played or are coming up in a venue out to your Spotify account (a bit like a Shazam time-machine). The major change in this release is a simplified User Interface. Our goal was to make the killer features people told us they loved in the first version of crowdDJ® even easier to use.

These include:

  • Find your nearest crowdDJ® venue in seconds
  • Dynamic song/artist search results
  • Intuitive song discovery – including the ability to search through the venue’s custom playlists
  • Improved Spotify integration – searching from and adding tracks to your Spotify playlists is only one click away
Update your app to crowdDJ 2.0 now, and ask your customers/members to do the same.


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