BBL06 and Brisbane Heat

Big Bash – talk cricket, think entertainment!

7 Feb 2017

With sell out stadiums, record TV ratings, pool decks and pyrotechnics, the 6th Big Bash Season will be remembered as a breakthrough year for the format – and apparently there was some thrilling cricket too…

It’s undeniable that the entertainment component of the Big Bash has underpinned the success of the format. The hype on game day is phenomenal, as anyone who has been to a game will tell you, and this word of mouth has contributed to swelling crowd numbers that reached capacity in Brisbane this year, with all 5 home games selling out.

Phil Brown, GM of Sales and Marketing at Nightlife, says that the Brisbane Heat have always understood that atmosphere and entertainment are central to the fan experience. “The Heat take this even further by providing opportunities for fans to get involved in the experience; rather than just having the entertainment served up to them” says Brown.

GM of Brisbane Heat Andrew McShea, says they have worked with Nightlife since BBL02. “In earlier seasons Nightlife provided soundtracks to play before and throughout each match to make sure our music was on brand” McShea explains.

“In BBL06 we took things up a notch, with the use of crowdDJ as a way of getting fans involved in generating the pre-game hype.”

GM of Brisbane Heat Andrew McShea

Fans were able to; download the free crowdDJ app, request their favourite song (including from their Spotify library) and then vote for it as many times as they liked to increase the chances of having it play. The activation included a live crowdDJ scoreboard on the big-screen; displaying the top three tracks as voted by the crowd. This gave fans immediate feedback on what would play next and an opportunity to; influence the outcome by voting for their song, or; rally their friends and family to vote as well.

Song votes and crowd numbers at Brisbane Heat home games.

In addition to other fan engagement tools; like the Heat’s innovative VR app; crowdDJ gave the Gabba fans an opportunity to get involved in the entertainment; and, for those fans that had their song play; a pretty special moment when their favourite track played around the stadium and up on the big screens.

crowdDJ had over 10,000 song votes across five sell-out matches, averaging over 2000 votes per match. The app was also downloaded more than 1700 times.

Take a listen to what the crowd chose: