Digital Advertising Part 3

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Digital Advertising (pt 3)

The Manage My Nightlife browser interface can be used to remotely import any promotional digital advertising content. You can upload artwork you created yourself, as well as access our online library of slides available for all occasions. Features include:

  • A library of blank-canvas background slides to write your custom messaging on. Ranging from multi-purpose backgrounds through to specific upcoming events.
  • As well as powerful text editing and design tools. Allowing you to choose fonts, change spacing and positioning of text, and import a background.
  • Also, ready-made animations are available to catch the eye of patrons and promote your venue.
  • Finally, custom slides designed by Nightlife to reinforce your messaging. These range from standard reminders, such as ‘Bring your towel to the gym’, through to important events, such as Melbourne Cup or Christmas.
The Manage My Nightlife web interface
The Manage My Nightlife web interface
If you need additional training or information on these features, or would like the Digital Advertising specifications for your Nightlife System, please call your Nightlife Relationship Manager on 1800 773 468.

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