Music Video of the Month - Tigerilla 'Tulips'


Music video of the month – Tigerilla

Tigerilla F/ Gill Bates – ‘Tulips’

Melbourne-based DJ/producer Tigerilla, has teamed up with director Tom Noakes – who you may know for his Doritos ‘Finger Cleaner’ ad – for this brilliantly quirky clip. Even Aussie rapper Gill Bates features in the track and the guys link up effortlessly delivering the lyrics for Tulips.

The main character is a very serious schoolboy who buys some cologne from the school janitor, found shooting hoops in the sports hall. Once he has doused himself in what we imagine is a very bewitching scent, he then performs a seductive dance with a completely deadpan expression for his equally serious math teacher, chalk in hand. It starts in an empty classroom but the rest of the school gets some action too; awkward, hilarious and beautiful!

Also, be warned – there is some explicit language in this track.


Directed by: Tom Noakes

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