Digital Advertising - part 2

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Digital Advertising (pt 2)

Did you know there is extra messaging content and functionality for creating Digital Advertising already included with your system?

These include:

  • Using Nightlife to layer text over an image, such as a photo or custom background (i.e. inspiring quote of the week for members, or current find-the-joker jackpot)
  • Creating a custom slide displaying a countdown to a specific event (such as Halloween, Melbourne Cup or Christmas)
  • A set of template background images for text or countdown slides provided on each update disc.
  • A scrolling text generator, to provide news feed-style messages at the bottom of the screen during video clips. Fast and easy to complete, and can be programmed for specific dates/times. Great for event or promotion reminders or even a happy birthday message to create a memorable experience for your customer!

This is only scratching the surface of what you can do when advertising on your screens.

Please call your Nightlife Relationship Manager on 1800 773 468 if you require any extra information or training on these digital advertising features.

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