Highway Hotel's Deck Bar Screen Management

Venue Management

Screen management pays off for The Highway

Action equals atmosphere for this SA venue

Once the sports action finishes, some clients really know how to get the party started and keep it going. The Highway Hotel in Plympton is a prime example of great screen management.

This venue has a giant screen in their Deck Bar, a space which has won Best Outdoor Facility twice at the AHA National Awards for Excellence (and another five times through the AHA South Australia Awards for Excellence – suffice to say it is a quality space). They also worked to create a highly detailed music and visual schedule – events held at the venue are promoted on screens throughout the space, and managed via the Nightlife Digital Advertising platform.

During the day, the venue uses Music Video and Ambient Visuals to create a family-friendly environment. When game time rolls around, it’s then time for the audio and visuals to be turned to sport. Then once the final whistle blows, it’s back to Nightlife to keep the energy high.

Action equals atmosphere and The Highway Hotel knows it; you can see why patrons need to book their tables.

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