Doutta Galla Hotel to add crowdDJ

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Functions with crowdDJ®

Heat up the functions experience with the addition of crowdDJ®

As the weather warms up and spring racing commences, venues everywhere are preparing for the functions season.

Melbourne’s Doutta Galla Hotel will be adding value to their function experience with the addition of crowdDJ®. Manager Lia Fasciale believes the personalisation available through crowdDJ® and the Nightlife Media Player is a draw card for their customers. Guests will be able to interact with the function soundtrack in real-time, or specify a theme for the night. With Spotify integration, it also means people are able to bring in their personal Spotify playlists for the event. Taking customisation to the next level.

“Events are just so much more meaningful when you’re able to play the songs that matter to you and the people you’re celebrating with”, she says.

And it’s not just the music to be customised.

Additionally, the Doutta Galla Hotel will be able to extend the experience from music to visuals through the screens in the functions space. For an 18th birthday party, embarrassing childhood pictures could be interspersed with extreme sports clips. Alternatively a surprise engagement dinner might use the screens to show; a picture gallery of memorable moments, with some customised Digital Advertising to congratulate the happy couple.

Fasciale says “crowdDJ® is going to give the Doutta Galla Hotel a real point of difference…and the support from Nightlife Music couldn’t be better.”

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