Digital Advertising - part 1

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Digital Advertising (pt 1)

Did you know that you have absolute control over exactly what visual content is showing on your screens at each part of the day, week and even year?

Built-in to every Nightlife system is our powerful digital advertising platform. It is made specifically to help you reach your customers with promotional content, event notification, brand reinforcement and important messages.

Best of all, you can ensure events and campaigns run perfectly. Use the intuitive controls in our browser application to pre-program the start and finish dates and specify time-frames for your advertising. By setting this up from the beginning, you’ll avoid the embarrassing situation of a New Year’s Eve countdown on Australia Day!

The Manage My Nightlife digital advertising platform
The Manage My Nightlife digital advertising platform
Examples of advertising management in action
  • To promote the coming AFL/NRL finals and schedule them to finish on the day of the grand final.
  • Also, enter your promotions for Tough Mudder, Halloween, Melbourne Cup or New Year’s Eve in advance. Have them start closer to the event and finish on the correct day.
  • Stop food specials from showing once the restaurant closes, then increase the display frequency of your drink specials.
  • Have slides showing only on Thursday to promote Friday’s events as “tomorrow”. Then have a Friday only slide to promote them as “today”.

Please call your Relationship Manager if you require any training or assistance with this feature on 1800 773 468.

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