Music video of the month - Miike Snow


Music video of the month – Miike Snow

Miike Snow – ‘My Trigger’

Miike Snow is not a man, but two Swedish producers and an American singer who create incredibly likable tunes. They have enlisted director Ninian Doff (Chemical Brothers, Kasabian, Royal Blood, Run The Jewels) to bring to life their latest single ‘My Trigger’, from their third album iii.

The concept? A super camp musical performance, focussed around the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. The respective leaders engage in fantasies about sex and the nuclear button. Complete with Busby Berkeley style dance routines. Band member Andrew Wyatt says “We try to work with really smart people, and you want to make a video that adds a different layer to the song. You want to make it a richer, more enveloping experience for people.”

This film clip is a creative partner to the one put together for Miike Snow’s previous single ‘Genghis Khan’. The two lead actors reprising their roles representative of JFK (Edward Hayes Neary) and Kruschev (Adam Jones) respectively. If you haven’t seen the clip for ‘Genghis Khan’, do yourself a favour and check it out after watching ‘My Trigger’.

The result? See for yourself.


Directed by: Ninian Doff

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