The Directors


The Directors: Visionary Music Videos from the Panellists

Music Video Discovery Series, 4 of 5

A selection of videos from directors who were part of the panel and speaking program at the CLIPPED Music Video Festival

Mat Zo Sinful, 2016. Cinematographer: Kieran Fowler

38 Music Videos. 10 directors. 1 unmissable panel.  The videos in this post speak volumes of the visionary minds that created them. Born from the collaboration of musical artists and multidisciplinary visual artists; every frame a piece of art in itself created especially for every note it accompanies.

Discover for yourself the light, dark and silly complexities of human existence through the eyes of the Clipped Directors panel and through your own ears.

Selected Highlights:

Arcade Fire We Exist, 2014
Director: David Wilson
Scenes for the video were shot during an Arcade Fire concert at 2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which was headlined by the band. “A tense, riveting video that adds even greater depth to the already meaningful song” (Melissa Locker, Time magazine). Consequently nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Music Video, 2015.


Britney Spears …Baby One More Time, 1998
Director: Nigel Dick
The first 1990s-vintage video from a female singer to receive certification for 100 million views on VEVO, recipient of MTV’s TRL most iconic music video of all time, and nominated for three MTV Music Video Awards in 1999. Dick: “Every piece of wardrobe in the video came from Kmart, and I was told at the time not one piece of clothing in the video cost more than $17. So on that level, it’s real.”


The Rubens Lay It Down, 2013
Director of Photography: Tania Lambert
“[Frontman Sam Margin was] bemused by some moments that transpired, such as Australian actor Abbie Cornish leaping into a swimming pool to feature alongside him. ‘I was acting in a video clip to my song with a Hollywood star and that is insane. Plus she’s way more graceful than me. Abbie was this incredible mermaid, but I was just trying to hold my breath.’ (Craig Mathieson, SMH)


Courtney Barnett Pedestrian At Best, 2015
Director: Charlie Ford
“We find Barnett exactly where we left her, gleefully spitting mouthfuls of sneering disaffection: ‘Put me on a pedestal and I’ll only disappoint you/ I think you’re a joke but I don’t find you very funny.’ It’s fitting that director Charlie Ford put Barnett in a clown suit here.” (Gabriela Tully Claymore, Stereogum)


Vance Joy Mess Is Mine, 2014
Director: Luci Schroder
Joy: “I worked with this great Australian director Luci Schroder. At first I was like, ‘I don’t know,’ but she had these great ideas. She then had the idea that a polar bear lost its home and was looking for a place in the world. It’s kind of sad, funny, and quirky. I was so impressed, and I thought it was hilarious, but was also really moved by it. The way the bear looks—the sad eyes—it kind of has this human quality to its performance.”

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