Nightlife provides theme park soundtracks


Nightlife provides theme park soundtracks

With the build up to summer, getting outdoors is looking so appealing right now. What better place to be out and amongst the sunshine than with a group of friends or family at a theme park?

From arrival, visitors quickly become immersed in the unique atmosphere created through the park design, theming and entertainment. By extending this experience through to music, theme parks can enhance the vibe. In turn creating stronger memories for their customers and leaving lasting impression.

Nightlife Music is partners with a number of theme parks, working to make sure the park’s atmosphere is on point. Building bespoke music solutions to suit each space and its demographic profile. Clients include Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney, Sunshine Coast’s Aussie World, and Jamberoo Action Park in New South Wales. As well as Scenic World in the beautiful Blue Mountains AND multiple locations inside world-renowned Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.

While programming for the people who will be in a space and creating a family-friendly fun vibe through music is an undercurrent across the theme park sector, one example of the curated nature of Nightlife’s work can be found in the specifically themed Australiana Folk soundtrack running through Dreamworld’s Gold Rush precinct.

Theme parks are just one of the many spaces Nightlife Music caters to, fueled by over 100 staff and servicing thousands of venues around Australia.

For more information on Nightlife’s services and music offering, give us a call on 1800 679 468.
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