BIGSOUND Partnership


BIGSOUND Partnership

Pioneers in branded soundtracks and on-demand music for business, Nightlife Music have today announced their first-time official sponsorship of BIGSOUND. Australia’s leading new and international music festival and conference, held in Fortitude Valley this September 7-9.

  • Industry first: Festival punters to pick the music between bands via crowdDJ® and Spotify
  • Curated crowdDJ® library drives on brand venue soundtracks
  • crowdDJ® party for music industry to get hands on with latest music/tech innovation

Bringing together two of Australia’s music industry veterans, the sponsorship deal gives BIGSOUND festival and conference attendees the chance to influence the music around the event. Thanks to Nightlife’s latest innovation: crowdDJ®.

Nightlife Music’s Managing Director Mark Brownlee says crowdDJ®, launched earlier this year in partnership with Spotify, is the world’s first on-demand platform for recorded music in public venues.

“We’ve curated a library on crowdDJ® specifically tailored for the BIGSOUND events we’re involved with. The crowd get to pick the songs they want to hear, making for a more engaging and memorable experience” says Brownlee.

Throughout the three-day festival, BIGSOUND attendees will be invited to take part in crowdDJ® every day at Beach Burrito. As well as influencing the music between band sets at Brightside – another world-first innovation for a live event. Furthermore, punters will be able to pick their favourite songs via the crowdDJ® kiosk or phone app. In addition, they can even link their Spotify account to access their favourite personal playlists.

Brownlee sees the partnership as a natural fit. “BIGSOUND has always fostered a culture of exploring the new… So it makes sense that the in-venue music platform of the future, crowdDJ®, be woven into the festival experience.”

Media Contact

Phil Brown | GM Sales & Marketing | Nightlife Music

About Nightlife Music

Nightlife Music, Australia’s leading background music provider, is the global pioneer of on-demand music for business. In partnership with all major and independent music labels, and now music streaming giant Spotify, Nightlife delivers high-quality branded soundtracks as well as visuals to businesses across the hospitality, tourism, leisure and fitness industries. Established for over 27 years, Nightlife is renowned for innovation that drives the music industry forward. Consequently, the team launched crowdDJ® with Spotify. A powerful consumer engagement tool that for the first time, puts the crowd in control of a venue’s soundtrack in real-time. Additional services including music licensing and in-venue digital advertising are also available. Cementing Nightlife Music as the complete entertainment solution for businesses where music matters.

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