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Picture Gallery

As part of the digital slide functionality included with every system, Galleries are a fantastic tool for organising your images. They only occupy the place of one slide in the visual rotation but contain a whole collection of content. For example, you could show a gallery for 30 seconds, but also have the individual photos within this showing for five seconds each.

Some suggestions:

  • Crowd photos – Firstly, who doesn’t want to be seen loving life on your screens?
  • Function photos – Hosting a 21st? Drop their embarrassing baby photos into a gallery to display easily.
  • Event photos – Gym group doing Tough Mudder? Having a Christmas in July party? You’ve got it covered.

It is now easier than ever to create and populate galleries using the new web console from your office computer or directly from the system if required.

Additionally, detailed instructions will be added to this post in the coming days.

Please call your Relationship Manager on 1800 773 468 if you require any training or assistance with this feature.
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