Music Video of the Month - Tiesto & Jauz 'Infected'


Tiesto & Jauz – Music video of the month

Tiesto & Jauz – ‘Infected’

EDM giants Tiesto and Jauz have joined forces and enlisted the help of US beer giant Budweiser as well as one of the world’s largest dance music festivals, Tomorrowland to bring to life the killer new dance track “Infected”. The film clip is notching up the YouTube hits and features the contagious track turning people into hairy dancing beings!

W+K Amsterdam Creative Director Thierry Albert said in a statement, “Tomorrowland unites the world through a love of music. It brings together completely different people with completely different lives from completely different corners of the world. And this is when the magic happens. The festival transforms goers into the true version of themselves. In the ‘Infected’ music video we bring this to life by visually displaying this transformation as free, loving, dancing, singing creatures who only want to party.”

Check out Jauz as he tours Australia at Listen Out Festival in Sept-Oct 2016.


Directed by: CANADA

Creative by: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

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