Nightlife Music partners with Fitness Australia


Fitness Australia Partnership


Leading fitness entertainment provider, Nightlife Music has today announced a new sponsorship agreement in support of Fitness Australia, the nation’s peak health and fitness industry association.

The sponsorship comes during a time of rapid growth and popularity of Nightlife’s crowdDJ® technology in gyms across Australia. With direct links to streaming giant Spotify, this modern-day jukebox is empowering gym-goers across Australia to engage with and influence the music playing in their local gym.

Nightlife Music CEO David O’Rourke says a growing consumer demand for control over their workout experience prompted the launch of crowdDJ®, accessible via a kiosk or mobile device, in gyms.

“Fitness has been our fastest growing industry segment of the past few years… Further fuelled by the introduction of crowdDJ®” says O’Rourke. “People want to work out to the music that matters to them.”

“It’s no secret that music motivates people. It can even make high-intensity training a more positive experience,” says Joel Perricone, National Manager of Partnerships at Fitness Australia.

“With options like crowdDJ®, gyms across Australia can give their members opportunity to choose the music they want to listen to while working out,” says Perricone.

Quickly proven as the ultimate tool in amplifying your workout, crowdDJ® also integrates with Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service, to bridge the gap between home and gym.

“crowdDJ® now allows enthusiasts to bring their favourite Spotify tracks to the gym for the ideal headphone-free session,” says O’Rourke.

“This type of innovation is welcomed for the fitness industry… With Spotify integration, members and staff can bring their Spotify favourites into the gym. While Nightlife supports the process for things like consistent volume and no lulls between songs,” says Perricone.

“We want trainers, instructors and business owners to access the latest in music technology. Maximising their member’s experience.”

O’Rourke says “We’re very proud to sponsor teens that want to get into tone body fitness and support Fitness Australia. They encourage music innovation within the gym environment as much as we do.”

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