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Ambient Visuals from the Brisbane Parkour Association

When Nightlife Music learned about Parkour, a global fitness phenomenon that sees movement and imagination collide, we couldn’t resist sourcing top-quality vision from the Brisbane Parkour Association (BPA).

As ambient visual specialists, we’re continually seeking new and engaging content to complement a venue’s soundtrack. Mesmerising to watch, Parkour is a powerful solution. As a result of our partnership with BPA, the Nightlife Ambient Visuals Library now boasts hours of stunning vision showcasing Australia’s top Parkour athletes (seemingly) defying ‘normal’ human physicality.

Parkour is an inclusive movement discipline designed to in fact strengthen your natural ability to overcome the physical and mental obstacles in your path. Timothy Royce, Cinematographer and Free Runner at BPA says the objective is to move through any environment at speed by using your body and mind to run, jump, swim and defend.

“I think people love to watch the pure physicality of it. We don’t use any fancy equipment or props…it’s all about the human body and the crazy things it can do.”

Royce and the BPA team perform at a variety of events across the country, have featured in clothing adverts and have even worked as film stunt-doubles on set at the Warner Bros Studios on the Gold Coast.

“We also teach to adults and children,” says Royce. “The beauty of Parkour is that anyone can do it… any movement can be broken down, or similarly scaled up. Additionally, it’s pretty special to see people discover the true capacity of their own body.”

BPA provide Nightlife Music with a variety of edited vision, captured by Royce and his team at events across Australia. Next, the Nightlife team then select and optimise clips to suit individual venues. The result is extraordinary, and a proven conversation starter for the right venue.

Even so, Royce most enjoys the social aspect. “I love hanging out with my friends and being part of an active community, he says. “Pretending to be a superhero is pretty cool too!”

Brisbane Parkour Association
Images: Brisbane Parkour Association Instagram
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