A Rock & Roll Writer's Festival


To the delight of festival-goers (and presenters!) at the recent 2016 A Rock & Roll Writer’s Festival (AR&RWF), playlistr.™ the modern-day equivalent of the humble mixtape, proved an undying love of personalised playlists amongst discerning music lovers and how valuable this can be for a brand to tap into.

playlistr.™ is an online space for arranging and presenting Spotify playlists in one easy location so events and brands can harness their audience’s love of music in their promotional activity. Taking the spirit of the mixtape from an era past, speakers at AR&RWF were given the opportunity, in advance of the event, to send a list of 10-20 handpicked songs linking their artistic work with the festival program topics and themes.These lists were then hosted on a AR&RWF playlistr.™ page that could be shared with festival-goers.

The program of speakers featured a broad range of established music critics, reviewers, authors and songwriters - many with significant national (Don Walker – Cold Chisel), and international (Chris Salewicz, British biographer for Bob Marley and Joe Strummer) profiles and reputations. Thespeakers embraced the idea and took great care with their selections,with many choosing to take the plunge into streaming for the first time. They were pleasantly surprised with the depth of content and how this married with their personal vinyl and CD collections. A friendly spirit of competition and fascination with each other’s lists also developed.

The resulting lists hosted on playlistr.™ are diverse, deep and cohesive, offering a brilliant “at home” listening experience for discerning fans of music and literature. In the dense space of over 30 million songs on Spotify the offering of a hand selected list of songs is of immense value to the listeners. Spotify users used the lists as a discovery tool - adding newtunes to their own lists and music collections.

The audiences LOVED the lists and aside from beingable to use these lists beyond the festival, audiences adopted the idea of list making more broadly – many “old school” music lovers were prompted to migrate to Spotify as a direct result of the playlistr.™ experiment.

As an extension of online, the complete set of playlists were aggregated into a curated list of 200 songs that creator of playlistr.™ and out of home music specialists, Nightlife Music then played live at events across the two day festival program through their licensed commercial playback system crowdDJ®.

By providing a branded online presence playlistr.™ gave the festival digital content that could be used throughout various festival activities, creating engagement for attendees and driving after-parties in hotel rooms through Spotify. In turn, Spotify through playlistr.™ became a central platform for delegates to explore and share highly relevant, curated content in a central convenient place.

Ultimately, festival-goers loved using playlistr.™ which enabled an enriching Spotify experience. With so much content available on Spotify it’s easy to be overwhelmed, but playlistr.™ allowed attendees to take a digital dive into the heart and soul of A Rock & Roll Writer’s Festival through the personal favourites from an incredible line-up of guest speakers.


“We were so impressed by the added value the festival got out of our partnership with playlistr.fm™. Our festival is about celebrating the creative relationship between writing and music, and using identity driven playlists we were able to provide a rich example of this in action. Not only did this help generate buzz prior to and during the event, but also provided something meaningful for the audience to experience beyond the festival. It was a real thrill to see people getting such a kick out of the whole experience.” - Festival Organisers

About A Rock & Roll Writer’s Festival

A Rock & Roll Writer’s Festival celebrates the creative relationship between writing and music. Fans of music and writing get up close and personal with the creators of stories and songs. The festival entertains, enlightens and challenges - through discussions and interviews with some of Australia’s finest authors, songwriters, lyricists and commentators.

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Photographer: David Kapernick