2 Kalinya St, Newport, NSW 2106

Ahead of the highly-anticipated re-opening of The Newport in March 2016, Merivale partnered with Nightlife Music to deliver a unique venue soundtrack suitable to its broad, culturally-diverse and musicsavvy family demographic. In consultation with The Newport’s Entertainment Director Martin Smith, the briefing process utilised Spotify as the common platform to communicate and monitor the brief.

“It was a great pleasure to have the music — a key venue ingredient — completely in-sync from the get-go. I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved and impressed by how quickly Nightlife was able to pull it off,” Smith said. - Smith


The first step in defining an entertainment solution for The Newport, was to understand it’s unique brand. The Nightlife Music Creative Team, worked closely with Smith to define the venue’s key features including;

► A rich history as an iconic family-orientated venue

► A broad, music-savvy family demographic who live for the outdoors

► Strong ties with the local community


As a DJ, music expert and local, Smith had a clear understanding of what he believed to be “The Newport Sound”. To help communicate this, Smith used streaming service Spotify as a briefing tool.

“I’d built a Spotify profile for the venue as part of my own creative process, so at their suggestion, shared that with Nightlife,” … “It was an easy way to articulate the sound or the vibe I was after”

Through their partnership with Spotify, Nightlife Music were able match Smith’s personal song selections, with the corresponding commercially licensed tracks on the Nightlife system. This provided a core selection of tracks that were then built upon to deliver the perfect ‘on-brand’ soundtrack.


Next, the Nightlife Music Creative Team hand-picked and curated playlists designed to evolve with The Newport’s needs throughout the day and night. Smith was impressed by the many venue elements the team took inspiration from, from the ocean view to the cocktail menu.

“The foundations of the soundtrack, and individual playlists are excellent,” said Smith. “As a result, [the entertainment solution] is highly adaptable. It all works really well with our live acts too, which was important to me”.

Smith describes six unique times throughout the day and night for which specific playlists have been curated. “Our day-time sound is very different to the evening sound,” he says. “ We never hear the same thing twice either, because Nightlife are constantly refreshing the playlists…the staff in particular love that&Rdquo;.


Ongoing, the Nightlife Manager App integrates with Spotify to allow Smith to stay connected with the venue soundtrack in real-time, from wherever he may be.

“I can preview tracks playing in the venue through the Nightlife Manager App, using Spotify as the playback engine, regardless of whether I’m in the venue or not. It means I can stay connected with the venue at all times to make sure the music is on track,” says Smith.

Crafting the optimal ‘sound’ for The Newport was critical to the venue. Located in a very creative pocket of Australia, the venue attracts a huge array of musicians and artists.

“They know what quality music is…we couldn’t give them anything less than the best,”

- Martin Smith, The Newport's Entertainment Director