Nightlife Music offers a complete content management solution. With us you have 25 years of experience in music research, programming and DJing. We are your innovative IT team, marketing consultants, licensing specialists and APRA/PPCA agent. We are here for you 24/7 and we want to help.

Our state of the art CRM system ensures that your vision is documented and that every Nightlife employee can quickly see the history of your account so we can help in real time with real solutions.

We will work with you, your staff and your contractors to provide installation, training, support and maintenance. Our service includes ongoing training and support and we help in real time, with updates, changes and troubleshooting. Our team and our Global network of Technology Agents are all here to help deliver the best outcomes for your business through our partnership.

For technical assistance or support please call us on 1800 773 468.

We are specialists in creating the right atmosphere in every room of your venue, space or business.

Nightlife services over 2500 clients Australia-wide managing Music, Advertising and Visuals.

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