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In line with being marketplace leaders in music management, research and development and service, Nightlife is now encouraging all of our customers to connect their Nightlife System to their IT Network. Once your system is connected you will be able to take advantage of features only available to our online clients. Being online will also open the door to other applications as Nightlife continues to develop the features driven through online.

Improved technical and music support

Once online, the Nightlife System will send data everyday to Nightlife. This data is text information only so the file size is minimal. We will match this data against the profile we have set up for your venue/s to ensure that your staff are using the system according to the guidelines we have set up for your operation. Your system data will also provide an early warning of any technical faults. This will allow us to diagnose and fix problems proactively rather than having interruptions in the middle of a busy trading period.


On top of technical data the Nightlife System will also send information that we can compile into reports for Managers and Operators to use to monitor the use of their systems. Reports can include items like: whether new music updates have been loaded, Jukebox takings, how much interaction your staff have with the system.

Online advertising – Internal promotions

One of the key benefits of being online is the ability to control your advertising across your network from a central location. This centralisation offers peace of mind and makes things a bit easier – no longer will you have to go to each site, email files or rely on Managers to upload content. There are a number of ways to set up your Online Advertising and Nightlife will help with a solution that suits your needs. We factor in your existing web site along with advertising resources.

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