Capitalise on the investment you've made in your screens with Nightlife's High Definition (HD) content! Whether it's crystal-clear Digital Advertising or stunning Ambient Visuals, Nightlife's Music System provides you with everything you need to bring your screens to life.

We've been HD-capable for a long time, so if you're ready, so are we. Give us a call today to get the ball rolling!

The Techy bits:

  • Support for Full HD (1080p) output
  • Dual DVI-out & HDMI
  • Further support for S-Video, Component, Composite and VGA outputs

The best content:

  • Stunning Digital Advertising - Static (JPEG) and Animated (SWF) capabilities
  • Crystal-clear Ambient Visuals including nature, sports, abstract and vintage footage

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We are specialists in creating the right atmosphere in every room of your venue, space or business.

Nightlife services over 2400 clients Australia-wide managing Music, Advertising and Visuals.

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