Action! Excitement! Ambience.

For venues with a strong focus on design and ambience, who have multiple televisions and screens but are looking for a versatile and appealing alternative to straight video clips - Nightlife has the perfect solution - Ambient Visuals.

The service is available now and is supplied directly from your Nightlife Music System. Nightlife will also provide regular content updates so your visuals will never become stale or out-dated.

Stylish and exciting content sourced from leading providers of nature, sports, abstract and vintage footage.

What you get:

What ever the mood of your venue, Nightlife has an engaging visual solution to suit.

Turn your screens into entertainment that you can control.

We work with you to program your content and integrate it with Music, Video Clips and Advertising to offer a complete experience.

Subscribe and gain instant access to the following programmable content to help promote the different moods in your venue:


ambientFashionTV represents chic style and a dynamic attitude, bringing you a world wide overview of fashion, beauty, red carpet events, parties, celebrity lifestyle and luxury. Fill your venue with FashionTV viewers, who are considered the most luxurious, glamorous and fashion-oriented target group among all media consumers, who not only love to watch the fashionable lifestyle on TV, but they also enjoy living it!


Wild tricks and flips in the extreme sports of surfing, skating, skiing, skydiving and soccer make these visuals a real talking point! Sure to keep your blokes and their buddies glued to the screen, this active and energetic list will give the perfect lift to sports bars, pubs and beer gardens.

Action sports through Garage Entertainment now available!

Check it out below.


Elegant, dashing, sophisticated, charming and impeccably dressed is how we see both your clientele and our new vintage ambient visuals. Featuring black & white as well as colour clips from classic vintage films, our vintage clips are also being used to add an old-skool flavour to DJ sets. Stars include Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Robert Donat, Madeleine Carroll.


Let your punters take a trip around the world without leaving your venue with these captivating nature and travel visuals. This eclectic collection of global destinations, wildlife and breathtaking scenery will be fascinating to a broad range of clientele and will suit daytime service at pubs, clubs and RSLs.


Shadow Dancers are evocative and colourful ambient visuals that are lighting up screens everywhere! Shadow dancing provides patrons with a bit of sensory candy and is proving to be a popular tool for DJs as they spin their magic in nightclubs, bars and gentlemen’s clubs.


Chill out to the relaxed ambience of gentle waves, smooth kaleidoscopes, clouds and soaring landscapes. This list of cool visuals is perfect for cafes, Sunday sessions, and breakfast and lunch service at pubs and clubs.


To energise the vibe, use these kitsch visuals of vintage movie footage and old-school cartoons, interlaced with psychedelic swirls of warm tones. This list will create a vibrant atmosphere perfect for happy hour or peak periods in bars, pubs and clubs.


Your clientele won't be able to resist this scintillating collection of racy cartoons, dancing girls, models, and smoke effected reds and oranges. This list creates a hot night time atmosphere and is perfect for nightclubs, dance floors and late night venues.

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