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Our playlists are grouped into subscription packages or "updates". When you subscribe to an update, you’ll receive a fortnightly update disc, containing the latest content. You can subscribe to multiple updates for access to more great music and more programmed playlists.

For some examples of how our playlists and updates work together, click here.

Choose from our array of music subscription packages - mix and match these updates according to your needs! Which updates should you get? Well…

Want to get the party started?

Choose our Dance Release (DR) update for the best party music, Top 40, commercial dance, club and R&B. Contains 14 playlists maintained fortnightly (HAPPY_HOUR, PARTY, PARTY_NEW, PARTY_OLD, PARTY_90s, CHILLIN, DISCO, GENTS_CLUB, UPBEATS, WARM_UP, SMOOTH, CLUB_NEW, CLUB_OLD, CLUB_RnB).

Need the hottest club tracks? Or do you have a DJ working the dance floor?

Choose our whopper double Club Release (CR) update, which not only contains the best party music and Top 40 but also contains up to 100% of the ARIA Club Chart, as well as extended mixes and both commercial and rare remixes of the hottest tracks around.


Want a bit of everything? Or do you have a Jukebox?

Choose our Jukebox (JB) update for the best of Top 40, daytime radio tracks, party tunes and a dash of rock. Contains 11 playlists maintained fortnightly (HAPPY_HOUR, PARTY, PARTY_NEW, PARTY_OLD, PARTY_90s, AUSSIE, BAR_TUNES, PUB_ROCK, GOLD, LIL_ROCK, JUKEBOX).

Want rock, radio and alternative tracks?

Choose our Radio Disc (RD) update for commercial modern and classic rock, indie pop, cool alternative and electro, and acoustic chill. Contains 8 playlists maintained fortnightly (ALT_SOUNDS, PUB_ROCK, CLASSIC_ROCK, AUSSIE, METRO, SURFnCITY, UPBEATS, BRITSOUNDS).

Need easy listening for daytime trade or dining?

Choose our Easy Disc (ED) update for all types of daytime music, including radio hits, golden oldies, jazz, soul and acoustic. Contains 8 playlists maintained fortnightly (LITEnEASY, MOR, SMOOTH, VEGAS, SOUL, SURFnCITY, GOLD, SOUL_BEATS).

Want boutique lounge, café or house music?

Choose our Café (CF) update for an extensive and eclectic collection of the coolest lounge music from around the globe. Contains 16 playlists maintained fortnightly (CAFÉ, CAFÉ_BEATS, CAFÉ_HOUSE, CAFÉ_LITE, CAFÉ_SPA, SOUL, SALSA, JAZZ, SOUL_BEATS, CAFÉ_JAZZ, CAFÉ_FRENCH, CAFÉ_ASIA, CAFÉ_ITALIA, CAFÉ_WORLD, CLASSICAL, SURFnCITY).

Need country music?

Choose our Country Music (CM) update for the latest country hits and classics. Contains 2 playlists maintained fortnightly (CNTRY_LITE, CNTRY_ROCK).

Need Irish music?

Choose our Irish (IR) update for traditional, pop, rock and easy listening Irish music. Contains 3 playlists maintained fortnightly (IRISH, IRISH_LITE, IRISH_POP).

Want ambient visuals for your TV screens?


Choose our Ambient Visuals (AMV) update for a selection of vintage cartoons, psychedelic effects, travel scenery, nature footage and extreme sports to keep your punters entertained during audio tracks. Contains 5 visuals lists maintained fortnightly (COOL, WARM, HOT, FASHION TV, SPORTS, LIFE, SHADOW DANCERS & VINTAGE).

Want MORE?!

Well, we have extra playlists that all updates receive, included as part of your music subscription! These include a monthly MIXTAPE, a list of songs for all OCCASIONS, songs for XMAS, and an easy way to find WHATS_HOT, the ARIA TOP_100, PARTY_HITS and more!

To find out which updates best suit your needs, give us a call on 1800 773 468.

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