Public Performance

The licensing team at Nightlife have negotiated with over 100 local and international record labels to collect and distribute public performance royalties for sound recordings and music videos on their behalf. This means that Nightlife can 'cut out the middle man' and provide competitive pricing while giving a better share back to the actual artists played in our venues. We love it when everyone wins!

While Nightlife’s core product will always be designing the best public performance music and visual solutions available for our clients, public performance licensing is something that we have come to know through the work we have done  in this space over the last 24 years. More recently this has meant expanding our licensing team and recruiting some of the best experts in the country. What this means for Nightlife’s clients is access to the best solutions available, with the security and confidence to help them grow with their music needs.

Public Performance Licensing

Nightlife is currently trialling a ‘one stop shop’ solution for our clients. What this means is that, should our clients decide they would prefer it, Nightlife can now collect both APRA and PPCA license fees on their behalf. Nightlife can do this with exact same tariffs as both APRA and PPCA. In combination with our music service, Nightlife believes we can now offer the first real 360° music solution to the Australian market.

What this means for Nightlife clients is that they can now get everything they need to provide professionally curated and legal content, with a ‘second opinion’ on their licensing obligations, all managed under the one roof. This is a situation that provides certainty to big and small venues alike, and creates a real sense of competition in the marketplace.    

Public Performance Advice

Nightlife’s Licensing and Business Affairs team is driven by the National Licensing and Business Affairs Manager, Stuart Watters. Stu and his team are available as a complimentary resource to all Nightlife clients, and offer comprehensive public performance advice. Nightlife has taken this initiative to offer our clients the most innovative and effective solutions possible, without compromising on compliance or music quality. Licensing music can be a challenging and complicated process, and this aspect of our service allows our clients to find the best material available to help grow their businesses, while our advice remains a complimentary part of our core product; Music.  

Direct Licensing

Nightlife has negotiated with over 100 local and international record labels for the right to collect and distribute public performance royalties for sound recordings and music videos on their behalf. This means we can offer some uniquely innovative solutions. The beauty of direct licensing is seen when our clients find themselves paying less, while the rights holders actually get more. This is because we only license the music that makes a difference to our clients, which in turn means better payments for the music we use.   


Nightlife now has a Public Performance Compliant (PPC) platform for restaurants, cafes and designated dining areas. This service offers clients the option to pay a flat annual fee, with public performance income distributed directly to participating record labels. Nightlife’s PPC solution is based on a “pay for play” model, where we distribute royalties based on the actual songs performed in a venue - ensuring fees go directly to the labels and artists that deserve them. For larger restaurants, Nightlife's PPC solution can represent thousands of dollars in savings, simply by paying for only what is used. Our PPC content has expanded to the point we have released another product to provide access to the whole repertoire of content we have licensed directly, this new product is called PPC Extra.  

PPC Extra

After introducing our PPC package for restaurants, cafes and designated dining areas, the feedback from both clients and the record labels/Artists was distinctly positive, so much so that we have pushed the boundaries a bit further. Nightlife is now offering PPC Extra, an increased package that has dramatically increased ‘Major label’ content.

Looking forward

Nightlife has a lot of new things coming in both the near and distant future, and licensing has been given a lot of R&D priority with this in mind. For our clients this means we will be at the forefront of change, and keeping an even keel through the ebbs and flows that affect the music and hospitality industries.

For anyone with a further interest in the current framework, please have a look at our submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission Inquiry on Copyright and the Digital Economy:

Because of our unique solutions, our music partners continue to provide us with the best new music, as it is released.

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