Nightlife has been developing, maintaining and growing our record label partnerships for over 24 years. As a direct benefit of these relationships, Nightlife is constantly adding the very best content available directly to the venues that matter most; yours. Our record label partners see the value in working closely with Nightlife, as we not only pay them on time, each quarter, but it is estimated that Nightlife has a combined reach to over 2 million people per week. For a country of 22 million, 10% penetration is quite a feat.

Looking at this another way, Nightlife manages around 30 million discrete monthly plays, which is equivalent to 1.5 million hours, 62500 days, or 171 years of content. No matter which way you look at it, Nightlife has a lot of content, in a lot of venues, reaching a whole lot of people. There is simply no other product available in Australia that can work as closely with you, yet provide our range of custom services across such a diverse range of uses.

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We are specialists in creating the right atmosphere in every room of your venue, space or business.

Nightlife services over 2500 clients Australia-wide managing Music, Advertising and Visuals.

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