Summer ready

Ready for Summer [Calendar Series]

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Summer is in the air! The next few months are when many of our pub and restaurant clients enjoy their biggest trading period of the year. Our gyms and fitness clubs are full of preparing for beach days and balmy nights. Nightlife’s main role over Christmas and New Year is to help you increase dwell time in your unique space through a great soundtrack and engaging visuals.

Here’s our top five tips to make sure your venue, gym or club is primed for maximum fun:

  1. Music refresh! Now’s a great time to give your music style a freshen up for summer. Talk to our team about your vision and we can help you make it happen.
  2. Turn it up. Because we remaster and set cue points for every track, your music plays like a live DJ would – so why not turn it up for more impact when your venue or fitness club hits peak times.
  3. Who’s got the remote? Our Manage My Nightlife app will be your manager’s best friend throughout this period – change visuals, music playlists and volume. If you don’t already have an account set up, call us to set one up.
  4. Keep your screens entertaining! With a host of live sport over summer there’s a good chance you’ll be changing TV channels to cover all the live action. Make sure your staff are aware of switching back to Nightlife to keep the great content going after the final whistle.
  5. Exploit the eyes. With member and patron numbers swelling across the board, take advantage of Nightlife’s Digital Advertising platform; promote your events and offers to this captive audience. Fitness venues can advertise their; New Year special, Open Day or upcoming challenge; while hospitality venues can look to promote food and beverage specials or functions bookings. If you need a refresher on how our Digital Advertising works, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to step you through it.
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